New Crane at GSS

Global Specialized Services is proud to announce its acquisition of a new, 120-ton crane to be used in the field in a variety of ways. 

This new crane, serving the Rocky Mountain region, will be based out of Wyoming and used primarily in the oil field and in the erection of cell phone towers, setting up air conditioners on buildings, and more! 

As one of our smaller cranes, this crane has a jib with a reach of 275 feet. This gives it the ability to maneuver in and out of smaller areas with relative ease. It has a compact size for the tonnage, which means it can be utilized in smaller job sites. Because of its longer reach, this crane can get closer to buildings, resulting in more capacity at the same rate.

It is an all-terrain, instead of a truck crane, which makes it a lot more versatile with offroad job sites, as well. 

This crane is designed to be on dirt roads, meaning it can withstand even the toughest road conditions. It has a higher lifting capacity with the same amount of counterweight, meaning teams will not need additional counterweight trucks to balance the capacity. Additionally, it negates the need of a boom dolly, meaning fewer machines taking up space on the job site, and fewer technicians to operate it. 

This crane will be replacing an older model, and it is just the latest example of GSS continuing to innovate, as we offer our customers the best service for all of their construction needs.