GSS and TP&L Partner Together on Foote Creek Wind Farm Project

When Takkion acquired Transportation Partners & Logistics, Global Specialized Services, Airway Services, and RENEW Energy, the overarching goal was to become an all-in-one service provider in the wind industry. Since these acquisitions, several key projects have been just that, with the Foote Creek Wind Farm being one of the most recent examples of the partnership between the companies.

Recently, GSS and TP&L worked together to offload, store, complete maintenance on, transport, offload, and erect all necessary components of the Foote Creek Wind Farm – a 41.4-megawatt renewable energy project located in Carbon County, Wyoming.

“In 2020, we transported 10 wind turbines from Colorado to Casper, and they went into storage,” said Dylan Wisroth, the Senior Operations Manager for Global Specialized Services. “They were stored and maintained by TP&L for three years, leading up to the Foote Creek Project. 10 of the 11 wind turbines used in that project were stored by TP&L.”

“All the maintenance was complete for the turbines prior to them going out into the field,” he stated. “And it’s a really cool project because it is one of the first ones that we handled together from start to finish – from transportation, to maintenance, to storage, and then to final offload and erection.”

The Foote Creek project, which is scheduled to be up and fully functional by the end of 2023, isn’t just a victory for TP&L and GSS – it’s a victory for all of the Takkion companies, and it’s a prime example of just what can be accomplished when these teams work together.

“This is a special project for all of us at Takkion,” Wisroth said. “It’s definitely the first time we’ve done a full, turnkey project like this.”

It’s been stated that the turbine technology of this wind farm will increase the energy output of the entire facility by 60 percent, producing enough energy to power 19,500 “typical” homes throughout this region in Wyoming. It’s an important project, and it wouldn’t have happened the way it did without the combined efforts of TP&L and GSS.

“When Takkion was built, our dream from day one has been to strategically acquire other companies and position ourselves as a one-stop-shop,” Wisroth said. “This is full-scope, from start to finish. It wasn’t necessarily awarded to us as a full-scope project at the very beginning due to the services being separated between multiple customers, but it became full-scope by the end of it, which is really special and is an accolade for Takkion in and of itself. This project is a monumental project that everyone within Takkion is proud of.“

That success will continue to present itself in the coming weeks, months, and years, and it is a testament to a motto, a mindset, that everybody throughout all Takkion companies exemplifies.

“It’s something we bring up in every senior management meeting when we’re all sitting around the same table talking about growth and future opportunities,” Wisroth revealed. The motto is ‘One team, one goal, one standard.’ We’re one team, we have one goal in mind, and we’re offering the same high-quality standard across the board.”

The Foote Creek Wind Farm project is proof of that.