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Heavy Haul

At GSS, we work with the biggest names in gas, oil, coal, and wind, providing premium heavy haul trucking services from our hub in Casper, Wyoming and oversized and overweight loads are our specialty. Our heavy haul trailers can haul up to 125 tons. We offer heavy haul transport services to the wind, mining, and oil & gas industries, utilizing dragline equipment, dozers, transformers, compressors, coolers, and more. We have moved demethanizer towers, draglines, power shovels, and even entire oil rigs.

When it comes to heavy haul transport services, GSS believes that our commitment to our clients starts with the people we have on the ground. That’s why all of our drivers are experienced and extensively trained to safely transport your cargo. It all starts with having a good understanding of the job. A lot of planning goes into Heavy Haul trucking. Our employees need to understand the logistics of the job, which includes knowing the routes, attaining pilot cars, and working with the different states to understand weight/size restrictions in order to find the best possible route.

Safety is the most important aspect of the job. We utilize route surveys, traffic studies, historical data, and JSA (Job Safety Analysis) plans to make sure the routes we take can be safely utilized, without running into issues along the route. If we travel through high traffic areas, GSS will conduct a traffic control plan so that pilot control cars know where they need to be. They let our drivers know about specific turns, corners, or upcoming traffic issues. This ensures that our heavy haul drivers, pilot car drivers, and managers are on the same page and everyone understands the job they are going to do. From start to finish, planning, preparation, and safety is always the highest priority.

Service Specifications

  • Up to 19 Axel Heavy Haul Truck

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    About Us

    Global Specialized Services is an affiliate of Transportation Partners & Logistics who, in 2012, operated the largest wind distribution hub in North America. GSS operates primarily out of Casper, WY and services much of the Northwest and Midwest with all of their trucking, heavy-haul, and crane service needs.

    GSS is headed by president Jim Orr. Jim leads the trucking division with over 25 years of experience in the trucking industry, including heavy-haul and specialty loads.

    GSS also has access to Rail Logistics and can help you with everything from unloading at the dock, loading to rail, movement to truck and unloading the product on site. This beginning to end service is unparalleled in the industry and allows the customer to rest easy knowing that every step of the haul is being handled by true experts in the field.

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